Great Expectations

Last week a call came over the radio to let us know that a delivery of plants had arrived and much to my great excitement I realised it was our tree ferns (Dicksonia antarctica).

We used to have some tree ferns in our ferneries a few years ago but they were lost during a really bad winter so, although I have seen photos, they were gone before I started working here. So as you might imagine I was excited for their arrival. I’m not sure what I was expecting but it certainly wasn’t this…


Four logs? How could this be right? Where are the roots and the pot?

But Senior Gardener Dale assured me that this was normal – once planted into the ground we would have to ensure that they are watered regularly, but into their crown and top half. What was he on about? This isn’t how to water plants surely?


All four now stand proud in our tropical fernery and do you know what? Dale was right. They are starting to unfurl and the fronds are emerging more and more each day.


I expect they will become a talking point amongst ourselves, our volunteers and our visitors alike.

I can’t wait!

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