On The Move


As a continuation from my last post with regard to my warm and cosy nerve centre in the propagation house, I have now moved onto our larger, milder glasshouse. We keep this glasshouse at a minimum overnight temperature of 8 degrees Celsius.

We move up our fully rooted cuttings to this glasshouse as there is always the need for the space in our smaller prophouse. Depending on the overnight weather forcast we will cover these with a horticultural fleece, just to give them an extra layer of protection, for several nights as they adjust to the slight decline in temperature.

Once the roots can be seen emerging from the bottom of their 3.5inch pots its time to pot them on. This time into a good peat-free multipurpose compost and into 5 inch pots. As we do this we will pinch the top of the plants out which helps to encourage a bushier growth habit.

As you will see form the above picture we have tender perennials on the right. At the far left corner there are 5000 purple sedum for the Carpet Beds. We also have pelargoniums to the left of the top fan heater. On the shelving we have some seedlings, some tender trailing plants which we will use for pots, and we have several new citrus trees ready to be grown on and then added to the Orchard House in time. Below the shelving are several thousand of our summer bedding plants.

Its always a surprise at how quickly we can fill our glasshouses but it wont be long until they are standing empty once again. At the start of June we will be planting out our summer bedding schemes. This will take two to three weeks to complete – one of our busiest months in our year. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us but one thing I can guarantee is that June is a good excuse to eat plenty of cake (whatever the weather!).

Well we have to keep our energy up….



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