Who Said There Is Nothing To Do In The Garden During The winter?

It seems that for this time of year, our most popular question we get asked is “what do you do in the garden over the winter?” I think, perhaps, that it might be believed that gardeners have very little to do in the garden during the cold winter months, apart from perhaps looking through seed catalogues and drinking plenty of tea. I have found out this winter (being the first winter I have worked in the garden) that we haven’t stopped!

There have been copious amounts of hedging to do and  I have lowered the height of a Laurel hedge.


Original height of Laurel hedge                            Reduced height of Laurel hedge

They foresters have removed a tree which has been blocking the view of the Clock Tower from the garden, so it now stands pride of place overlooking the rest of the garden.

Clock Tower before

Original view of Clock Tower


Clock Tower is now in full view

We have been removing some shrubs to open up the views from the garden into the parkland.


A couple of shots before we started work on this area.


And this is the result. (Just need to finish tidying up)

We have even had the foresters remove some dead limbs from a tree and they have also taken the tops out of a couple of our holly trees so in time, we will be able to prune them into a cylindrical shape like the others around the garden. Then we have had to clear all of this up which probably takes ten times as long as carrying out the job itself. This is the outcome!


Our accumulated piles of brash

Karen has also finished digging over the new rose bed. The next stage is to get it level and then to plant it up with approximately 300 roses. So by the summer we will have a brand new rose garden in full bloom for visitors to enjoy.


Ready for the next stage

Is it time for a cuppa yet?

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1 Response to Who Said There Is Nothing To Do In The Garden During The winter?

  1. CherryPie says:

    I am currently blogging photos from my (September 2013) visit to the formal gardens at Cragside.

    Just yesterday I posted about the Clock Tower:


    And I have a post pending of the Dahlia Walk…

    I will be following your posts 🙂 Cragside is one of my favourite places in the world and when I am in the area and get chance to visit, the formal garden is always my first destination.

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